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In honor of all the doggies who sleep like a little rug so their bellies stay cool on the floor 🥲

All patches now come with an extra piece of "Heat-N-Bond Ultra Hold" iron-on material in case you mess up the first time and your patch doesn't stay on.

All of these patches are illustrated, prepped, cut, finished by hand. Very slowly made 🐌 but made with a lot of love.

They're made on a felt base, with polyester embroidery thread, flame sealed edges, and you can decide if you want them with an iron on backing or an adhesive backing.

🧵If you attach them on clothing, i would recommend giving them a few hand stitches to secure it in place, so they never go missing.🧵

These are hand made, so sizes may vary slightly

All patches are around ~3x2

Napping Frenchie

  • Roughly 3x2in


    Blakc Felt Base

    Embroidery polyester thread

    No Backing

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