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Happy to see you here✨ 

My name is Andrea, I've done a bit of everything from hosting typography communities of over 50k in Tumblr back in the 2010s, to building my own typography exploration project @Type_Stuff from 2012-2017, to teaching lettering to over 12k students on Skillshare. Now I'm exploring the world of Illustration and licensing and building a community of self-taught artists who love to try new crafts @ShopDoobee

When I'm not drawing or teaching I work as a Creative Strategist, partnering with Meta's biggest advertisers to build innovative mobile first campaigns.

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My Story

I'm a ✨multidisciplinary✨ artists. lol. 

Originally from El Salvador, currently based in Miami. Studied Advertising Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, completed a Master of Science degree in Global Strategic Communications with a focus in Art Direction. 

I want to teach at a college level but haven't found out how just yet. soon, maybe.

That's it. That's me. 


Please send me and email if you want to work on something together. I'm probably literally with my phone in my hand as you're reading this.

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